You've heard for years that content is king, right? And you know why? Because it's true. The power of the written word can instantly strike gold for your business. We've seen the magic happen across virtually every business type and class. At The Old State House of Web Design & Development, we have become expert at knowing what works, and what doesn't. That being said, we have seen over and over how just the right words can make that customer reach for the phone to call you rather than navigate over to your competitor's website or place of business. Yes, he who has the most inspired ad campaigns wins....and it will always pay to advertise. And powerful content marketing also applies to every word they read on your website, brochures and other print materials.

Another thing we've learned that applies to all of the above is that creativity sells. The world is cluttered, so the smart money puts imagination into their ads. People want to be entertained a little, they want to know why you're different, they want to know you put some thought and creativity into your products and services. Why? Because it's the customer's way of screening out the good from the bad. And it's precisely why you love the Super Bowl ads so much....because they work! So make sure you put your best foot forward at all times, and we're here to assist you....even on tight deadlines.

Take a quick tour through some of our own ads for The Old State. Volume of words is not as important as inspired ones. And we know how to turn clutter into clarity for you in that regard. And those words and that ad must be very visually powerful as well. Same holds true for your website. Ads and websites are, after all, your windows to the world. Make them shine. They must continuously send your message to your customers and clients old and new that you care, you're different, and you're always going to always go the extra mile until they're happy.

So, if you need assistance for your own targeted and well-thought-out advertising strategy or website design or redesign, we'd love to work with you. We thoroughly enjoy impressing you too. And in fact, our copywriters and designers will surprise you with ideas you have never thought of before. You know how you've also heard that a picture is worth one thousand words? Well, we'll prove to you that a few words can be worth one thousand pictures. And that's a promise.

Call us today for a free proposal for how we can turn mediocre results into...well...highly inspired ones through the power of the written word. Because yes, creative content marketing IS king!

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