At The Old State House of Web Design & Development, we go nuts over handmade anything. And there's a guy in Dallas who has not one amazing talent, but TWO! His name is Kyle Hobratschk and he makes handmade furniture that is extremely elegant and timeless and cool. Chairs, drafting tables, very fine leather, amazing woods...and apparently no nails! These are pieces to pass down through generations. True works of art.

Hobratschk also creates extremely fine etchings. Take a look at just a few below. There are many more choices on his website. A graduate of SMU Meadow's School of the arts, at 23 he's already on a roll. Collect now before these pieces are collectibles of the highest order. He has a space at Oil and Cotton at 837 W. 7th Street in Oak Cliff. He also offers watercolor and printmaking classes out of the space. His phone number is 214-988-9189 and his website is Check it out. We're now fans!

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