At The Old State House of Design and Development, where there's a Web there's a way. If the typical "brick and mortar" method of doing business is challenging business owners in this economy, new bells and whistles online can pick up the slack...and then some. We're fortunate enough to now be working with many of the top brands in the Metroplex. The Old State has already launched for well-known interior designer Jan Showers, increasing her sales for her design and furniture and accessory business in the process. The Old State has also delivered sales increases for Derek Weaver Company which are, well, enviable. His sales originating from have given him reason to smile since he hired The Old State to implement their proprietary custom SEO program for his automotive and motorcycle lift equipment business.

In Dallas and Fort Worth and other business circles, apparently good news travels fast. The Old State will soon launch the new site for NorthPark Center, arguably one of finest shopping destinations in the country. We are also working on new web presences for interior design firms Laura Lee Clark Interior Design, Christi Drew Designs, Ceylon et Cie and Josie McCarthy and Associates. A new site for legendary jeweler William Noble will also launch soon as well. We've already launched the new, and Danco, Carolyn Shamis Realtors, Conoco-Phillips, Inc., TCU, Cedars Woodfire Grills and Allan Knight and Associates are also new additions to The Old State client roster.

So why are we working with some of the finest brands in town? Well, it's probably because a handshake still means something here, and nothing is more important than smart, quality work. Our mantra will always be to couple superior design with effective functionality and intelligent and methodical SEO strategies. For all our clients, we intend to always help them pick up the slack where this economy is leaving others behind. And with the right knowledge and proactive implementation, the upside to this challenging economy is that it is motivating and enabling the smart money to implement powerful new programs online to build brands in new and exciting ways. And with these ever-improving new ways of doing business, apparently good things will always come to those who DON'T wait.