Should you work with an agency or hire a team of in-house people? We’ll show you why hiring an agency works best!

When it comes to digital marketing tasks your company needs doing, like crafting a new website and an email campaign, you have two main choices: to hire a team of industry professionals to work for your company or to partner with an agency that will handle the jobs for you. There are certainly benefits to both options, depending on exactly how large your company is and what your specific needs are. This being said, most companies benefit more from hiring an agency. Here's why:

#1 New people bring fresh ideas. Working with an outside company gives you access to a lot of creative, fresh ideas. Someone who is not part of your company eliminates monotony in the things you say and how you present yourself. For someone who has worked for your company and only your company for several years, it may be difficult to think outside the box. A new perspective from an outsider can give your brand the needed spark to improve your marketing and website presence.

#2 It’s more cost-effective. Just because you want certain jobs done doesn't mean you have an unlimited budget to do so. Hiring an agency is significantly less expensive than the salaries and benefits associated with hiring a team in-house. Beyond just this aspect of them working for you, it can be expensive to find great creative talent and train them. Unless you have a large company where this is feasible, an agency is going to better align with your budget. A digital marketing agency is ready to get to work on day one!

#3 You’ll have access to more resources. It's possible you want something done that the agency doesn't have a person to skillfully handle. No problem! A digital marketing agency has access to more resources like talent, locations, crew, equipment rentals, stock photos, apps, subscriptions, and freelancers. Easy and fast accessibility makes them well suited to produce better results for your business. This means if you request something slightly out of their wheelhouse, they know how to find what or who they need to get the job done. A team working in-house has limited resources to do the same.

There are many digital marketing agencies on the market, all saying they can meet your needs. It can be overwhelming. You don't need to shuffle through everyone; come straight to The Old State! Here at The Old State, each team member brings a unique skillset and personality to the table, making us the perfect melting pot of talent. We are brand strategists, web designers, developers, marketing specialists, and all-around good people. We feel confident that when you are looking to hire a digital marketing agency and do a bit of research, you will decide that our team has the right skill set for you. Reach out today and request a proposal. We can't wait to show you everything we can do to boost your brand!