Wow, what a nice turnout for our Art of Generosity Party on March 10th for Susan Loverin, Steve McElroy, Curtis Hale and Gabe Macias. Thank you to everyone who attended. I think we had over 300 and it was a blast. And thank you to everyone at DIFFA for sponsoring it with us. We've been having one party a year and now we've decided to up the ante and have more because this one was such a good time. In a challenging economy, we're having the time of our lives. Why? Because we're finding that it's still true that you get out of life what you put into it! Our partner on Jim Kastleman of PaperCity Magazine was there, and he's always a blast to be around. And the lovely and talented Susan Posnick of SusanPosnick Cosmetics will always be on our "favorite people anywhere" list. And there's a new one we've added to that list....and that would be the amazingly talented interior designer Barry Williams of Barry Williams, Inc. at 1810 Market Center Boulevard. Barry is a blast to be around, he's hilarious, and he is invited to The Old State from now on!

And speaking of parties and reasons to get excited, we have a million reasons to celebrate at The Old State. Namely it's our client list. We have built, or are building, the websites for some of the best brands in Dallas and Fort Worth. Jan Showers & Associates, Allan Knight, Ceylon et Cie, NorthPark Center, Laura Lee Clark, Christy Drew, William Noble Rare Jewels, Gregory's Shoes, TCU, Clotheshorse Anonymous, PaperCity Magazine and many others. We've also been working with D Magazine on SEO strategies (check out our new creative ad on page 32 of the current issue of D Magazine and upcoming issues of D Home and D CEO). These brands can choose anyone, and we're delighted they've chosen us....and we take it very seriously. That being said, we also plan to give back to the good of the cause. So we'll all be blogging about new and exciting things we're doing that is profoundly impacting our clients' businesses and brands in positive ways. We love what we do, and we hope it shows through our innovative design work online.

One of the things we feel is very important is to keep carrying all the latest and greatest innovations forward in the spirit getting better and better. The companies we work with know that to sit idle is not an option, and that change will always be good. So each month we'll be profiling clients individually, what you can expect in the future, and how we plan to continue to make a difference for these amazing brands who believe in us. We have some exciting announcements coming up, so stay tuned. And most important, your comments are always welcomed and appreciated.

Thank you Dallas/Fort Worth!