At The Old State House of Web Design & Development, we love surprises, particularly when it relates to brilliant design and art. And nowhere are the powers of the human imagination on more stunning display than up and down Dragon Street in Dallas. Don't walk, RUN to this mecca of one part brilliant design, one part thrilling treasure hunt, one part inspired show and tell, and one part one-surprise-after-another! And the culmination of all of these parts add up to one delicious recipe of fine design, art, and all things visually stimulating! And if you're not a design or art enthusiast now? Well, you will be after just one trip to Dragon Street.

Quite frankly, we thought we had seen everything. But we were wrong. The deliriously beautiful old door with the red/orange patina at Laura Lee Clark on Dragon Street had us at hello. But everything Laura Lee puts on display here is highly inspired. Wow, talk about elegant and beautiful. The Shop at Laura Lee Clark is a must stop on every short list for fine design. It is fantastic!

A few doors down at Ceylon et Cie and you're transported to a trip around the world within the confines of four very magnificent walls. Trust us, these walls are bursting at the seams with one breathtaking object after another. But better yet, don't take our word for it, because you simply must see it for yourself. This is the human imagination on overdrive. Ceylon et Cie is a dream destination to find everything you want, and everything you didn't yet know you wanted!

As you know, our Wow designations are for the inspired and the special. And Smink on Dragon Street deserves a double dose of Wow! At The Old State, we love exquisite objects from the past. But we also love clean, brilliant and elegant lines of the present. And nowhere are fine lines on better display than at Smink. It is really something to see. You will marvel at this celebration of modern design.

Now, what about "The Source" and Chad Street? Well, he's no less than a talented dynamo. Via The Source, Chad offers full range interior design consulting and many other products and services. Chad deserves our honorable mention, because he is one of the most pleasant and talented people to work with that you will ever meet!

But these are just a few of the designers, showrooms and galleries all the way up and down Dragon Street that we love. Martin & Martin Designs, The Cameron Gallery, Samuel Lynne Galleries, and many others are very very special. And each one of them are serious about what they do, and it shows. And they are all very welcoming, not stuffy. They will enjoy you as much as you enjoy them!

By about now you can be certain we're fans extraordinaire, right? Well, Dragon Street off Oak Lawn in the Design District of Dallas deserves the accolades. Go about 10:00 am and spend many hours seeing it all if you can. Be warned though, because there are so many unusual objects and incredible displays of great design and art that your jaw will begin to hurt (from jaw dropping experiences) pretty early in the day.

At a loss for which design direction is best for your new home or other design project? Or where to find the most incredible artwork? You'll definitely find it on this showstopper street. Part of the reason for its lustre is inspired management via a Dragon Street Board, with Kevin Taylor from Texas Security Bank and Bob Darrouzet of Trinity Real Estate in two of the lead roles. This board ensures that the experience is stimulating from top to exceptions....along this now-famous street.

In conclusion, one thing you must know for sure is that this Dragon is not of the fire breathing kind, it's of the breath-of-fresh-air-at-every-turn kind! Selections at each venue change from week to week. So make sure to enjoy the experience for yourself often, and let us know what you think. In our opinion, the many diverse destinations on Dragon Street all add up to one of our all-time favorite experiences!!