Quote from "Me and You and Everyone We Know"(2005) Written and Directed by Miranda July:

Housewares Saleswoman: I think everything's gonna be computerized in twenty years.
Sylvie: Soup won't be computerized.
Housewares Saleswoman: Why not?
Sylvie: It's a liquid

The recent unveiling of the iPad had me thinking...that technology has come a long way and I can't even imagine what kind of gadgets will dictate how we live our lives twenty years from now. The primary purpose of technology is to streamline every day tasks and make our lives easier. So how will our lives be affected by technology in the future? Will we be like the overweight and immobile citizens in the movie Wall-E who consume liquefied meals and soak up artificial sun while laying on hovering couches? Regardless, I am excited for technological advances in the future.

And now I have reason to believe, animals will be excited too. Hey kittens, who needs a ball of yarn when you have an iPad?