Yes, a logo is a very unusual thing, that you should know for sure. At first glance it appears simple, stylized, unique, eye-catching. It is a stripped down thing, that can be certain too. But make no mistake, it is a powerfully important thing. It can capture the absolute essence of who you are, what you represent, how the world views your products. It is one of your windows to the world, and it's what can set you apart from competitors in monumental ways. Can you say "Nike Logo?" The impact that simple logo has had on sporting gear sales is mind blowing. You get the idea. So don't let your logo be an afterthought, don't let it be what we call a "Loco Logo"....that being one that contains no forethought or planning or makes absolutely no sense to your customer. Ultimately the logo needs to build your business. And also remember that old logos can be reinvented. Don't feel locked into your current one if it's not doing the job. Walmart just changed their logo, for example, and they are the biggest company on earth! So to change it can be a very positive process. Customers sometimes make their buying decision within the first 30 seconds of viewing your products or services, and we can guarantee you they look at your logo in that first 30 seconds. So make it shine! Call us if you need help if you're the current owner of a "Loco Logo"....and don't worry, it's OK.

The Wild Wild Web

Yes, the Internet is something, isn't it? It has gone through many incarnations in a relatively short period of time. The Dot Com boom imploded everything into oblivion. But ultimately the early prophets were right, the Internet WOULD become an amazing tool and not a toy. The Dot Com boom was really just an implosion of bad timing and too fast too soon. It all happened too early in the web's evolution. Now we know what we're doing, and we can use the Internet in absolutely amazing ways. Websites, powerful graphics, SEO, eCommerce, bells and whistles extraordinaire that aren't just there to be fancy...they're there to build sales! It is the Wild Wild Web, but it's also the much more refined Web as powerful marketing tool. So don't fret over the breakneck speed with which everything changes. Embrace it. Associate yourself with a firm which helps you stay up-to-date on a regular basis, as it occurs in real time. Be proactive and garner the power of the Internet to make up for lost sales from your brick and mortar operations. And then sit back and enjoy the benefits. Making money worldwide 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and even while you sleep will never be overrated. This we know for sure.


OK, we're not here to punish or guilt trip you about all the things you've done wrong on the Internet for your business. If you're one of those who does everything right, then good for you. Our hat is off to ya. But we are here to enlighten those who are like that guy on the dance floor who makes all the wrong moves. You know that guy. But don't be embarrassed if you are that guy who's done everything wrong online, because it's common. And it's easily fixed and reinvented. And by mistakes I'm talking about throwing any old website up just to have one, not having a sound Search Engine Optimization strategy, showing graphics that look like they're from 1984, having a site that's difficult to navigate or requires a Master's Degree in Confusion just to figure out where to buy something or ask a question. Because guess what?? All this hurts you in astounding ways. The Internet is your window to the world, your world stage, and can be your oyster. But not if you're using it as an afterthought. Use it as your most powerful tool, and your most productive employee who works around the clock and around the world with no sick days!

SEO: See Everyone Order

Search Engine Optimization is the buzz phrase of the moment, that's for sure. But it's here to stay. Why? Because it works. For those who have had their head in the sand, SEO is the powerful strategy whereby certain mathematical formulas are implemented which will profoundly improve your search results on Google, Yahoo and other search engines. Put simply, those who know what they're doing implement an alpha strategy so that your business comes up at the top of the list in organic key word searches related to your business. So don't let this buzz phrase pass you by. Do something about it. Sign up with someone who knows how to get you real results, and fast. If you're John Doe and I enter John Doe in the Google search window and you don't come up? Then that is ultimately your fault. And it's well within your power to be the go-to guy in those searches. And that's very powerful for sales no matter what you're selling! So just think of SEO now as standing for See Everyone Order!