At The Old State, we see a lot of very fine design. And thankfully the rush we experience when we see amazing work will always be a very special reward for us. And quite frankly, virtually every space designed by Laura Hunt of Dallas gives us that rush....times ten! Wow, she is brilliant and never disappoints. Her work is somehow all at once current, timeless, elegant and stunning! If you haven't seen her work, make sure to Google her. She's amazing. Her design sensibilities and eye for all things spectacular are genius! And Laura Hunt is no follower, she's a trailblazer at the highest levels of fine interior design.

Make no mistake, we cannot take credit for the discovery of Laura Hunt. She is widely known, highly respected, and has been in Architectural Digest and many other renowned publications for her work. And the really great thing about Laura is that with each project she continues to deliver work that keeps raising the bar higher and higher. We're huge fans. Located in the historic Highland Park Village at the corner of Preston and Mockingbird in Dallas, to step into Laura Hunt's work space is to step into a design nirvana of sorts. I mean, who doesn't love to go to Highland Park Village in all its architectural splendor anyway? And then when you walk through the door of her 2nd floor space, you can quickly feel the energy. The excitement in what they're doing is palpable, the passion they have for fine design is electric in the room. You feel it from Laura herself, and equally so from her extremely talented and efficient team. It's also very much in the family blood, as she works with highly talented family members in the mix as well.

With some of the most discriminating clients in the world to her credit, apparently big news about big talent travels fast. As the result, Laura Hunt has been a regular member of the prestigious AD 100 list of the best interior designers in the world. She was also featured as Top Designer in the International Directory of Interior Designers and Architects. But Laura never rests on her laurels. She continues to put forth her best work ever, project by project.

In conclusion, we're delighted to have been chosen to translate her beautiful work and illustrious reputation to her new website, coming in 2011. And did we mention, on top of all this, that Laura is infinitely fun to be around? Yes indeed, and we're having a blast working with her. And we highly recommend the experience for yourself. In a world full of celebrations of the human imagination in fine interior design, Laura Hunt Design is a cherry on top!

Laura Hunt and Laura Hunt Design & Decoration are located at 85 & 1/2 Highland Park Village, Dallas, Texas 75205. Their phone number is 214-526-4868 and their current website is Their email is

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