Salt is simple, efficient and truly Texan.

WWe’re excited to share a bit about Salt for our first client feature of 2019! Salt is not only a new way to shop for home and auto insurance, but also an awesome start-up out of Grapevine, Texas making ripples in the insurance industry!

It All Starts with Great Branding

While The Old State was originally brought in as their Dallas web design go-to agency, they also hired us to engage with them on all fronts with our full-service offerings. From branding and web design to inbound marketing automation and social media marketing, we’re excited to be supporting such an incredible new company.

A Partnership Born From Strategic Creative

Through robust inbound marketing solutions, Salt is able to understand their client needs deeply. This strategy gives their team the flexibility to physically shop around for real quotes matching their client’s criteria. We’ve leveraged the knowledge gained from inbound marketing pre-launch efforts to craft messaging that, to put it in our client’s word is simple “BRILLIANCE!!!.”

In addition to inbound marketing solutions, Salt’s branding has played a major role in appealing to their target market – millennials – and greatly improved the UI/UX of their web-based app. It also ties into our social media strategy, by allowing our social team to create meme-worthy content.

It’s safe to say both our employees and clients have enjoyed getting a little Salty. Our Social Media Strategist, Vanna, shares the sentiment, “I love that I've been able to play a major role in marketing the brand from its' infancy. We all know insurance isn't sexy, so it's been such a fun process to create content that's relatable to not only myself but their audience.”

Paving the Road for InsureTech

From the beginning, Salt knew that their brand’s goal was to break away from the traditional mold of doing insurance and present a new way to shop for insurance. They don’t just generate a quote for you that doesn’t take into account key aspects of your insurance history, they ask the questions needed to negotiate with carriers and find the best insurance rate deal out there. This saves time for you to do what you truly care about – which for most it’s definitely not shopping for a new rate when your old carrier hikes up the price.

Insurance Should Be Seasoned

Salt may be a fresh, new approach to insurance, but their founders have well over 100 years experience in the insurance industry!  No doubt, their brand differentiation gives them the upper hand when it comes to providing exceptional insurance coverage to the people of Texas. If you’re not in the Lone Star State, stay put, they’ll be expanding soon! But, if you’re truly Texan, you should get a quote with Salt.

We love working with companies that think outside of the box, but we’ve gotta say working with the Salt team has been the real treat. Feeling inspired to make ripples in your industry? Reach out and schedule an inbound marketing sessionwith our experts to see how we can help with brand differentiation.