WARNING! Once your your taste buds come in contact with Sanani Coffee, they will never be able to tolerate regular coffee again! Yes, it's that good. But don't just take our word for it. The proof, as they say, is in the pudding. Or rather, the coffee itself!

As you know, we love superior quality. And we love the quality of this coffee, and apparently so do a lot of very illustrious temples of luxury! And Often ranked the number one luxury hotel in the world, The Mansion on Turtle Creek in Dallas knows a thing or two about very fine coffee. After all, their clientele have some of the most discriminating palates in the world. The Four Seasons of Beverly Hills knows a good thing when they taste it too. And what do these temples of luxury choose as the finest coffee in the world to serve to their worldly guests? Sanani, The Original Mocha Coffee. And rightfully so, as this magnificent Mocha Coffee from Yemen was responsible for sparking the international coffee trade 400 years ago. And apparently some things were made absolutely perfect the first time.

The Sanani Coffee Company of Dallas brings this historically significant coffee to doorsteps worldwide through online orders. The company delivers this pure single-origin bean coffee cultivated with the same care as was done over 400 years ago. Although rare, you may still experience the flavor that has long been celebrated by some of the greatest of the greats. This top-quality coffee, for example, was believed to have been enjoyed by the likes of Benjamin Franklin while contemplating the U.S. Constitution during his visit to Paris.

And speaking of The City of Light, Paris has long been known as the barometer of good taste, fine cuisine and celebrating the pleasures of the palate. And it is historically documented that this Mocha Coffee was the first coffee ever to reach Paris in the 17th Century. Mocha Coffee from Yemen was introduced to the Parisian Elite by Sulaiman Agha, the Turkish Emissary (Ambassador) to France in 1669. Interestingly Sulaiman was only there for a year, but good news....or rather taste....travels fast. It set off a coffee craze that eventually led to the opening of the first truly French Cafe in 1686, called Restaurant Le Procope. Restaurant Le Procope is still in the very same location today.

Tariq Ausaf, the Founder and CEO of Sanani Coffee Company, decided after 18 years in the Telecommunications Industry to harness the power of the Internet and pursue his passion for bringing this magnificently fresh and top-quality coffee to the world stage. As the result, these rare beans are available to palates worldwide at www.Sanani.com, where each box of their fine coffee contains only the highest grade premium single-origin coffee from the finest regions of Southern Arabia.Experience this dark, strong and sweet-tasting "King of Coffees" today by visiting www.Sanani.com or contacting customerservice@sanani.com or toll free at 1-877-805-5111. Corporate orders may contact corpsales@sanani.com.

And in conclusion, thank you Sanani Coffee! You've spoiled my taste buds for life!