At The Old State, we have all long revered the remarkable Steve Jobs and his amazing accomplishments. He created the most valuable corporation in the world, many thousands of jobs, the most stunning technological devices, gadgets and developments the world has ever known. He has been the catalyst for some of the most successful and entertaining movies of all time, some of the most stunning design inspirations of all time, and continued to push forward through many dark times without ever losing his vision, or his midas touch.

But to us, Steve Jobs never merely pushed forward, he charged forward with zeal and brilliance at every turn. And each and every time with an incredible force of will, from an amazing and endless supply of forethought, and charisma. Add into the mix he always thrilled us with not just the remarkable technology, but also the brilliant design. And to remember this incredible life was all packed into only 56 years from start to finish. Fantastic! And many of his largest contributions were created and launched while fighting a courageous battle with cancer. Unbelievable!

But make no mistake. His passing is not the end. It's only the beginning of the roller coaster ride that will be his legacy. But Steve Jobs' iconic roller coaster ride will only go further up into the stratosphere with every passing year. We believe the legend that is Steve Jobs will only increase over time as we all fully come to grips with his staggering contribution to music, to film, to technology, to business. But most important, to mankind.

In a world full of amazing technological bells and whistles, Steve Jobs will always be the cherry on top. May he rest in peace.

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