OK, by now you know we love fine design. And you also know we have celebrated some of the best of it. But now you need to know that nowhere have we seen such an exquisite display of modern design than at Smink, Inc. on Dragon Street in Dallas.

When you go to Smink yourself (and you simply must not miss it!), make sure to fasten your seat belt, because it's a thrilling ride for all the senses. All of us were WOWED. I was personally mesmerized by the Rina Menardi fine handmade ceramics from Italy. But quite frankly everything is amazing at Smink.

I could go on and on....and probably will.....but in a nutshell to be in Smink is to be in a perpetual state of modern design euphoria. Fine furnishings, fine art, colors from the Heavens. Mix this in with very enjoyable owners and it's a delicious recipe we highly recommend.

Although you'll be surrounded in splendor at every turn there, you will also feel right at home. Sisters Jennifer Smink, Autumn Smink and Dawn Smink-Gibson are as infinitely knowledgeable, helpful and delightful to be around as you can imagine. Autumn immediately handed us a cup of coffee clearly created by the java gods, and then our journey through sumptuous fabrics, buttery leathers, exquisite finishes, illustrious colors and classic clean lines made for one thrilling shopping experience. Quite frankly, it's the kind of place where you could buy everything for a timeless showplace of modern design in one swoop. It's that special.

In terms of accolades, Smink deserves every one. I say this because you can tell they put their heart and soul into everything they do there. And we are absolutely delighted to have been chosen to build their upcoming new website, scheduled for launch in 2011. And get ready, because it will be very special as well.

Now, on a personal score, to meet Jennifer, Autumn and Dawn once is to realize you've made a new friend. And they are funny! But they are also as "in the know" about fine modern furnishings and artwork as anyone you will ever meet. Everything at Smink is a keeper object for generations, and therefore shopping through their large space is a delightful treasure hunt.

Located in the Design District of Dallas, Texas at 1019 Dragon Street, their current website is www.SMINKINC.com. Their phone number is 214-350-0542. Some of the illustrious names you will find there are Minotti, Porro, Living Divani, Molteni & C, Kettal, Simon, Casa Milano, Frigerio, Muurame, BPA International, Leucos, Dessie, Zoe Luyendijk, Bocci, Zeus, Gary Faye, Hyunmee Lee, Dara Mark, Diane McGregor, Rina Menardi and Thel.

And in closing, the key word for the experience that is Smink would have to be.....