Here’s How to Choose a Web Design Agency

You need a new website, but don’t necessarily want to design it yourself. Where do you turn? How do you find the right person, or perhaps, people to help? To start, you probably need a web designer. 

A web designer will create the layout and design of your new website. Their expertise and artistic flair are what make a site attractive. They also use design programs to create visual elements, so their technical savvy will come in handy. 

Your company's website design is a critical part of your online presence. In order to build a better website, it’s important to understand the impact your web design may have on your business. Fortunately, The Old State is here to help you every step of the way!

Importance of Choosing the Right Web Design Agency

Small updates here and there can help keep your website current and looking good, but it wont substitute for a full revamp. Digital marketing experts tell us that you need a new website every two to three years. If it has been longer than that for your organization, it's time to make a new website a priority. 

Your website should focus on high-quality design and development. You want your website to attract new visitors and convert those people into leads and customers. 

These new website visitors will judge your business within seconds, fair or not. In these first few seconds, you want to make a positive impact on your audience. An old-looking or clunky website gives the impression that your business is stuck in the past. You're not just looking for a new website; you're looking for high-quality work by top industry professionals.

How to Choose a Web Design Agency

Your brand should be seen as a leader in its industry, but when your competitors’ websites are updated and trendy, they raise the standard within the market. They're also subtly telling your potential customers what isn’t. The last thing your brand wants to do is fall behind in the market because of an old website. Finding a web design agency who meets the following criteria will ensure you don't.

They know the latest web design trends

Website design trends evolve and change on a regular basis. What is hip and popular in 2022? Right now, semi-flat design is very on-trend. You may want to use unique typography (font). Your choice in typography will indicate subtle hints to readers about who you are and what you represent. This is only the beginning of exciting decisions you'll be making.

They have a robust portfolio

You never want to be anyone's first day on the job, from a doctor to a hair stylist to a web designer. This is why looking at an agency's web design portfolio is essential to feeling comfortable that they're the right team for you.

They must offer different types of web design

Did you know there are several types of web design? You want something beyond basic. Responsive design is built with a mobile-first approach. This option delivers a seamless experience on all devices, plus you don’t have to build a separate mobile site. Single-page layouts use only one page that users scroll down to find information about your products or services. They are incredibly sleek and modern. When you speak to an agency, be sure to bring up their options for your new website.

They create websites that look great and function well

Have you ever noticed that so many websites either look great or function well, but rarely do both? What you're looking for is a team of web design experts who combine the both elements and offer your viewers everything they're looking for.

When considering potential web design agencies, you want to be sure you only select the best of the best. Choose a fantastic agency who will create a website you're proud to call your own. This short list will help you do just that!