Cummings strives to provide excellent service to their clients both big and small, so do we. That is why we made such great partners on their new site. Cummings has handled some major clients, large projects like Cook Children’s Medical Center or the Lockheed Martin Distribution building that is one of the world’s largest manufacturing buildings. They were able to get great clients by providing great service and earning a reputation. I like to think that is why we get such great clients like Cummings Electrical. Even with everything going great, Cummings wanted to take things a step further with a web content strategy because their website was not representative of their excellent quality of work. 


The website needed to be modern but we didn’t want the design to overshadow the content. The content of the website is fantastic, we are showing off a company that has accomplished some truly amazing things in their industry so we wanted to showcase that. Our biggest challenge was just exactly this. How do we best present the many projects Cummings has worked on to their web site visitors? These projects fit into categories, how should we represent these categories on the projects landing page. We needed users to flow into the category they fit, find a project that would wow them. Once they had the chance to read about a project the user would be ready to fill out the form to get in contact with Cummings. 


After discussions between our developers, designers and the stakeholders at Cummings we came up with a landing page and web content marketing strategy. We have a main landing page that lists all the categories so that visitors can see all the different types of projects Cummings does. We also have a landing page for each specific category. These specific landing pages can be navigated to from the navigation or from the main projects landing page. Having these separate landing pages for each category is going to help a lot with SEO. It also gives Cummings great content to use, if they wanted to share with someone their expertise in renewable energy they have a landing page just for that. 

Cummings Electrical now has a site that shows off the quality of their work by showcasing specific projects. It is easy for a visitor to find a project they are going to be wowed by and that makes it easy for them to fill out that contact form! Working with clients that have specific needs for both form and function will always present challenges but just the same way Cummings would rise to the challenge we will be here to do the same. 

Sean McDonnell Digital Support Manager