UX and UI work together in web design. The Old State is here to tell you everything you need to know about this combination!

Some things just go great together. Peanut butter is delicious and chocolate is yummy, but together they make an incredible combination. Can you think of any other super pairs? How about chips and salsa, s'mores and snowy weather, or wine and cheese? We have another great pair you may not have thought of. UX and UI work together in web design to deliver a true knock-out website. Today we’ll discuss why each is important, and why they work so well in tandem with one another. 

What is UX Design? UX design is all about User Experience. It involves crafting a website based on usability for those who visit it. Does your website load quickly? Does your shopping cart have any bugs or issues that may make someone concerned about putting their credit card information in? Are your CTAs easily found? Do your buttons go to the right next page? If a user experience is a good one, new website visitors will make their way through the sales funnel and eventually become clients or customers. For this reason, UX design directly impacts your company's bottom line.

What is UI Design? The abbreviation UI stands for User Interface. The interface is a set of commands or menus that help a user communicate with the program. UI design determines how easily and intuitively a person can do what they need to do with your site. UI design is about making the layout delightful and enjoyable. What is the layout of the website? What colors are chosen for the font, background, and buttons? Which typography was chosen for the font? A good UI design speaks volumes about your brand! Your website’s UI should instantly evoke your company’s tone, culture, values, and more. This is where a graphic designer really shines!

How do They Work Together? Let's think of your website as a new house you're building. The UX design is the "bones" of the house, like a well-poured foundation and sturdy walls. UI design is like the furnishings, paint color choices, and little details that evoke a happy, cozy mood. They're both equally important to absolutely loving your new house and having it feel like home. UX and UI are complementary aspects of web design. Each one is incomplete without the other.

You know you need a new website. You don't want any website, though. You want a great one! That is precisely what our team here at The Old State delivers. As we hinted at above, UX and UI design done in the right way moves website visitors through your sales funnel. Our team will guide you through a proven step-by-step process to ensure your website looks beautiful, performs efficiently, and most importantly- meets your high expectations. When you're ready to have a fantastic new website, reach out to us for a proposal!