Each year that passes is a positive learning experience for The Old State, 2018 was no exception. This year, more than ever we have grown in depth, experience and client offerings. The positive changes we’ve made in the past few years have allowed us to grow from what was a Dallas Web Design agency, to a full service strategic creative agency. In 2018, we focused on using our skill set to help our clients maximize results on a variety of channels. From Marketing Automation to Strategic Planning services, we’ve been given the opportunity to work with our existing clients in a new capacity and welcomed new businesses in the family. In return, our hard work helped The Old State have its best year yet!

Top highlights for this year

· Launched 43 new client projects and marketing campaigns
 · Maintained a >95% client retention rate
 · Achieved #3 HubSpot Agency over 2,400 agency partners
 · Achieved HubSpot Partner Diamond Status
 · Became a Certified Shopify Partner
 · Launched More Governor Sites than ever before
 · Grew our team by 2X
 · Exceeded our growth goals and grew TopLine by 55% YOY
 · Achieved incredible growth metrics for our clients engaged in holistic or marketing automation campaigns
· Invested in improved infrastructure that streamlines client communications, support and reporting

Looking to 2019

We are thrilled to have expanded our agency offering while staying true to our stellar creative foundation. Each project that comes through the door remains a humbling experience that businesses of all size trust us with the process. We are closing 2018 with gratitude on the opportunities we’ve received and hungry for what 2019 has in store. And we can promise, The Old State will be a Dallas Strategic Agency to watch in the new year!