Four Main Qualifications in a Branding Agency

Your brand is the personification of your company. A branding effort is sometimes needed in order to define or improve this personification. If this sounds like what your company needs, you're looking for a branding agency. These marketing strategy professionals ensure all of your branding materials, from your website to your logo, are using the correct colors, images, voice, and words to reach your target audience. There's a lot that goes into a branding project, and you want a team who will get it right!

What is a Branding Agency?

Essentially, branding is born out of strategy. A branding agency will offer you brand identity packages that are as smart as they are aesthetically appealing and unique. These brand identity packages are constructed from scratch through an exhaustive investigation and discovery process to ensure your brand tells your story, engages your consumers, and leaves a lasting impression. 

The best branding solutions extend well beyond simple logo design. Branding agencies leverage consumer marketing research tools that inform the team on optimal conversion color pallets, brand standards, marketing materials, brand story, positioning, and much more. This isn't just what looks pretty or what colors you like. It is all rooted in extensive market strategy to ensure that your customers are being spoken to in a meaningful way.

What to Look for in a Branding Agency

How do you know a great branding agency from the rest? It's not too difficult to do! Here is what to look for in a branding agency:

#1 They offer measurable results
This isn't simple guesswork. You want a strategic branding process that not only produces beautiful brand identity packages but when implemented in the context of a full marketing strategy has proven to increase ROI and help you achieve your business goals. 

#2 There is research and strategy involved
How can they deliver the results they promise? Through research and strategy, just like any other form of successful digital marketing! Only hire a branding agency that works with your team to learn everything possible about your business, your customers, your culture, and how best to communicate your vision to the world.

#3 They create brand standards
This isn't a one-time project. If it goes well, you'll be using this branding for years to come. This is where brand standards are needed. Your brand standards are a guidebook that gives your team everything needed to maintain the integrity of your brand even after your engagement with the chosen branding agency is complete.

#4 They offer both print and digital
Your branding should seamlessly match across all channels, from direct mailers to your social media channels to your website and beyond. While all things digital have certainly emerged as the primary vehicle for getting your message to your audience, there are still huge opportunities to use print in your branding and marketing. You're looking for a branding agency that will help you capitalize on those opportunities with top-tier print materials and collateral.

Get a Branding Proposal From The Old State

The Old State is a branding agency that provides a proven branding process. The services we provide you create long-lasting and measurable impact for both brand new brands and established brands alike. Our team of experienced branding experts will guide you through a step-by-step brand discovery process consisting of in-person meetings regarding brand diagnosis, brand standards, competition analysis, and brand positioning. 

Our award-winning creative team works seamlessly alongside our strategic marketers to ensure that all of our creative power is pointed in the right direction. This is done in order to accomplish your strategic branding goals. Each brand we create is the result of our effective process involving research and comprehensive immersion conducted by our branding agency staff. Are you ready to take your brand to the next level? We are too! Reach out today for a professional branding proposal.