The Old State Web Design Process Made Simple

Website design is something pretty special. While there is certainly an amount of creativity needed, it is also akin to a scientific method. There is a tried and true process that expert website designers complete for each and every one of our website projects.

The Old State is proud to have a team of web designers who have the training and experience necessary to produce fantastic websites. This means they are both good-looking and functional. How do they do it? By following this web design process

Our 5 Steps

A website is too important to get wrong. For this reason, it’s critical to follow the right steps and create the website in a way that guarantees success. Each project offers unique challenges, but our process remains the same. We always start with a strategy that exudes creativity and drives results. Here's what we do:

Step 1: Strategize
The right new website build doesn't begin with building, or even being anywhere near a computer. It all begins with a strategy development process meeting. In this meeting, we will immerse ourselves in your brand, including your goals, personnel, management, customers or clients, industry, competitors, and culture. How can we build the perfect website for you if we don't know your business? That is precisely why before we can execute a new website that takes your brand to the next level, we need to take the time to get to know who you are and what your brand needs to succeed. 

Step 2: Plan
Once the strategy meeting has taken place, it's time to move to the planning stage of the website project. During the planning stage of your website design project, we will create a detailed architecture for your site, including a sitemap and wireframe prototype. We work closely with you to ensure your site design represents the spirit of your brand. This creates an organized roadmap of how your site will function and a clear vision for the final product. You'll be able to tell what your website will look like, well before it's built. This is the time for creativity! 

Step 3: Construction
Once the wireframe has been presented to your team and you approve it, we're ready to build the website. During the construction phase, your site design is brought to life! This is where the website development team takes over and is able to show off their UX skills. At this stage, we have various check-ins with you to discuss our progress.

Step 4: Launch
The big day is here—it's time to launch! Step 3 will take as long as is needed in order to get the project perfect. Once we have your approval, we can make the site live. We are just as excited as you are!

Step 5: Measure, Support, and Refine
Your new website is launched and ready for the world to see, but we're not done just yet. We do not consider our work to be a success unless you see measurable results that you're happy with. Websites require ongoing maintenance and management, and that is something we are happy to provide for you. We offer not only QA (Quality Assurance) services, but also a warranty period, and online support 24 hours a day, seven days a week for the life of your website. You can't beat that!

You Can Trust Our Team's Expert Web Design Process

Whether it's inbound marketing, social media, or creative branding, we offer solutions that help businesses like yours deliver on every digital front. Website design is only one of the services we offer, but it is one we are most proud of. Reach out today for a proposal and we'll show you everything we can do for you!