Most of you do not know that we here at Old State (especially Curt and I) are bonafide movie fanatics(like most nerds). We have a vast movie library, many of which we have memorized. We have even started working on our script, and I mean just started, Due to release in 2015. :) We love and watch movies of all kinds, but those who know me would tell you that I prefer a certain genre to others.

My wife would probably say that I like movies where there is war, violence, monsters, dwarfs, Nazis, heroes, tons of special effects, etc. Well she is correct on all accounts. But In simple terms this genre is what I call "Actiondromedies." And yes that is action, drama, and comedy all smashed together. This genre includes such epic films as (in no particular order); Star Wars(4,5,and 6), Willow, Goonies, Starship Troopers, Braveheart, The Lord of The Rings(all), National Treasure, King Kong, and OF COURSE... Indiana Jones!

I could talk about this specific type of movie for hours, their similarities, their specific cast of characters, story lines, etc. etc. But, that is not the point of this post. The point of this post is to talk about the NEW and fourth installment in the Indiana Jones saga: Indiana Jones - and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull! Coming May 22nd to a theater near you.

Easily one of my favorite movie characters of all time, Henry "Indiana" Walton Jones, Jr., Ph.D. returns to the big screen. All I can say is that if Se?or Spielbergo or George (Ruin Star Wars) Lucas mess this one up, I might cry, yes actually cry. So far they have released a trailer that really leaves me in the middle of the road. It looks a bit glossy, and is very short. But Thankfully and unlike The Latest Star Wars debacles, it looks like they got a great cast, and are staying true to the original recipe for success from the first three. Harrison Ford joins his first Indy leading lady Karen Allen(who was my favorite). Awesome H-Wood newcomer Shia LaBeouf joins the cast as a greasy sidekick. And rounding out the cast you have Cate Blanchett, Ray Winstone, and John Hurt. Mr. Hurt is in a still undisclosed (Abner Ravenwood, Marion's father, and Indy's mentor) role to date.

Well, I plan on seeing it the second it hits the screens, and I hope it is radtastic. I will post my official review soon there after. See you at the movies!