If you're like us, you would much rather hear good news regarding the economy about now. And with the Internet as a tool, the cup is not just half full, it can be spilling over the edges. By implementing well-thought-out strategies, trust us when we tell you that you still get out of life what you put into it...particularly in business. The American Dream is very alive and very well.

At The Old State House of Website Design & Development, we are having the time of our lives working with some of the most forward-thinking brands anywhere, right in this "#1 region for business" of Dallas/Fort Worth. Small, medium or large, we're helping our clients become even more fearless in their quest to build their businesses in new and exciting ways online. You may have seen your business dip a bit in brick and mortar, but know for certain that you can pick up the slack online and actually grow.

At TOS, we are delighted to report some new relationships we are so proud of. For example, we are now working with Texas Christian University on their new TCU Admissions website. Through working with TCU, we now know firsthand that there's a reason that institution is so well-thought-of, and it's because they care and embrace new and better ways of doing things at every turn. Now that's what we call great education. Thank you TCU.

We are also thrilled to be working with Fashion Industry Gallery (FIG) for their new www.FashionIndustryGallery.com for 2011. FIG has inspired us to leave no creative stone unturned for their new website and Intranet. And if you attended Dallas Art Fair there several months ago, you know that FIG does things right, and then some. Like everyone else, we were stunned by the wide array of offerings at Dallas Art Fair this year. And know one thing for certain.....Dallas Art Fair is a huge hit and has put Dallas and Fashion Industry Gallery on the world art stage. We're delighted they chose us for their new web presence.

OK, we'd like to bring to your attention some new developments and some new clients we're so excited about. Advanced Facial Plastic is one that is truly special. They have the best reputation anywhere, and are really nice people. Their new site www.AdvanceFacialPlastic.com is coming for 2011 and will stand out front and center in their industry.

We're also delivering a very special redesign for www.PaperCityMag.com over the next few months. If you know Jim Kastleman and Holly Moore of PaperCity Magazine, you know that they love to keep things fresh and fantastic. We're making sure the new and improved www.PaperCityMag.com will step to the front of the line, is a must read for their loyal readers, and a must stop destination for advertisers who want to deliver a measurable impact on their bottom line.

And finally, we are so pleased to be launching in 2011:











and many others!

So, life is good here at The Old State House of Website Design & Development, and we'd love to work with you too. But most of all, thank you Dallas/Fort Worth and many of the top brands anywhere for choosing The Old State House of Web Design & Development.