I have always wanted to be able to design paper goods and not have worry about silly things like how much it costs, or how long it would take. And now that I am in charge I can! :) No but seriously, our business cards and the invites below we just did, were two of the most fun print pieces I have ever designed. Getting to do whatever I wanted with no client sign off was a bit weird at first. I was sending messages to myself for approval, and holding critique meetings all by myself. It was very strange. My wife says I am a bit eccentric with my design and a bit too nit picky with the details. But I tell her that if I wasn't picky then I would have married my first girlfriend who only had one ear, so she should be thankful...(Joke).

So needless to say I was all over the printer when it came time to get these going on the press(I know I am a nerd, don't care). Luckily, after a long arduous search, I found two printers who will let me press check at every stage of the process, and actually like my obsessive ways... Thanks James, Heather, and Deborah and sorry for the headache! Anyway, we were very happy with the outcome. Hope you like them as well.