Wow, we attended the most amazing party last night in NorthPark Center at Gregory's Shoes, located just outside Neiman Marcus. Our friends and clients Larry, Leslie, Gregg, Jon and Monique of Gregory's presented the infinitely talented Erykah Badu, but in the role of DJ at this party. And she was excellent. First of all, Badu is a living sculpture, stunning to look at. Always so stylish and creative and sophisticated in her appearance. Badu is interesting on so many levels it's remarkable actually. Of course, everyone with a pulse knows that Badu's musical career is now legendary. But she's also a highly inspired guest DJ when she appears as "DJ Lo Down Loretta Brown" as her pseudonym. Master of Ceremonies Fonzworth Bentley was also on his A-game. It was funk on fire last night at Gregory's...and very cool to experience.

The party was to benefit Beautiful Love Incorporated Nonprofit Development (B.L.I.N.D.). Twenty percent of the evening's total sales and one hundred percent of the sale of each t-shirt designed by artist Raghava KK benefitted the 2011 launch of B.L.I.N.D's After School DJ Program & Camp for Kids. The party pulled in some of the most stylish people from Dallas....or anywhere for that matter. And it was fitting too, because Gregory's has the most beautiful and creative shoes on the planet. Incredible. The shoes are like sculptural works of art as well. Exquisite detail, quality and design. The store also has remarkable accessories and clothing for both men and women. Make sure to drop by. You'll be glad you did, because Gregory's is supremely special!

OK, how about those party details? Like the music, the cocktails and food were similarly inspired. Wendy Krispin, as always, delivered stunning and delicious fare that had me chasing wait staff for more, who were always professional and attentive. When Wendy does the party, everyone leaves delighted and satisfied. Hennessy was the sponsor of the event, and the unique signature drinks they concocted had me asking for the recipe for home. Delicious!

All and all a fantastic and very special night.

Thank you Gregory's!

(Gregory's Shoes is located at 8687 North Central Expressway in NorthPark Center. Their phone number is 972-490-1285 and their website is