OK, by now you know that when we're excited about something, we are inclined to use the word "wow" a time or two. Well, Jim Kastleman of PaperCity was nice enough to help me, at the last minute, secure a room for my great childhood friend Cathy Lauve of Abilene, Texas at the Warwick Melrose Hotel in Dallas for Saturday night. And you guessed it. WOW!! This hotel offers everything we love at The Old State House of Web Design & Development. Classic architecture, a beautiful and appropriate restoration, great service, amazing amenities. Talk about a class act. Well OK then, let's talk about it. Because all of us here love it when old world charm comes together perfectly with new world comfort. Let's face it, we love historic architecture (and this one is a Registered Landmark) and a leisurely pace on the weekends. But we also love lightning fast service, web access and perfect AC!

Located at the corner of Oak Lawn Avenue and Cedar Springs in Dallas, Texas, the Warwick Melrose Hotel is a restored gem. We built www.PaperCityMag.com, are building the new NorthParkCenter.com, WilliamNoble.com and many other luxe branded sites around town, so by now you know that we know good taste and beautiful branding when we see it. Well, my friend's suite was room 208 and it was so beautifully done and comfortable that it was a marvel. It was one of those rooms where you go "Ahhhh!" as the door shuts behind you. My friend loved the beautiful and comfortable canopied bed in the room, the climate control to perfection (it had its own central system she controlled at will) and relaxing and elegant decor. This particular suite was on the corner, had timeless furnishings, a marble bathroom with a perfect blend of old world charm and modern conveniences. It was not over-the-top, but it was also NOT roughing it! All in all the perfect balance.

We had so much to do around town, but the living room area off to the side kept pulling us back for coffee and wine breaks throughout the 2 day period! And oh what retreat! The hotel is all in all a wonderful restoration....always in keeping with the architecture. The hand painted ceiling and marble floors in the lobby are really something to see, and yet you feel totally comfortable just hanging out and reading the paper there. Nothing stuffy, but at the same time very civilized. This hotel somehow always knows exactly what it's doing! How do they do that? Well, they did.

In terms of amenities, they've got it perfected. The Landmark Restaurant is awesome, the Library Bar is even more so. In fact, the Library Bar is a Dallas favorite and reminds me of the bar at the Peninsula Hotel in Beverly Hills, only better. Go as dressed up or as casual as you want to be. It's a blast. A beautiful and inviting room that somehow greets everyone with equal measure. Complimentary papers for everyone, web access, it's all there.

In terms of room service, when I got there the next morning I ordered one more serving of coffee for the coffee pot provided to her in the room and it arrived almost by the time I hung up the phone asking for it. How'd she do THAT? But she did and seemed delighted to please. So the service is a 10. All this in a conveniently located central spot? Wow, put it on your short list of places to stay next time when visiting Dallas. It really is a lovely place.

Located at 3015 Oak Lawn Avenue in Dallas, Texas, the Warwick Melrose Hotel may be reached for reservations at 1-800-203-3232 in the United States and Canada. European countries may call 00 800 203 32323 and most other countries may call + 34 91 111 26 33. Their websites are www.WarwickMelroseDallas.com, www.WarwickHotels.com and

www.WarwickDirectory.net. The chain code is WK. Enjoy!

Thank you Warwick Melrose Hotel Dallas, Jim Kastleman and PaperCity magazine! It was fantastic!