A successful Blog keeps it fresh, keeps it interesting....and covers a variety of subjects to keep people coming back for more! And by now you know that at The Old State, we think it's vital for your online presence to mix technology with brilliant design. So as the result, we love to stay on top of sculpture, painting, other cultures, style, fashion, and beauty in general. And nature delivers a huge whallop of all of the above with Bonsai trees!! I mean, how cool is a tree that's very small but looks old and huge all at the same time? Take one look at the photo montage below and be prepared to be hooked!

Luckily for us, one of the most fantastic Bonsai stores anywhere is at 7118 Greenville Avenue in Dallas, Texas. It's called Sunshine Miniature Trees and it is a wonderland of choices. My guess is there are over 5,000 choices of all shapes, sizes and varieties. Their website is www.SunshineBonsai.com and their phone number is 214-691-0127. And they'll ship anywhere! But if you live in Dallas, don't walk....RUN there. If you go in personally, it is a remarkable experience to see how the amazing twists and turns of nature shine in all its glory in these artistic trees. Some start as low as $19.95. They'll even repot it for you in one of their many choices of beautiful glazed pots. Wow, a must visit in Dallas. I can't wait to go in and buy my next one.

If you look in Wikipedia, Bonsai is described as an artistic medium originating in Japan. But it's also deeply rooted, no pun intended, in China. And from the pictures below, you'll quickly discover that some people take it very seriously! Including me. I have two of my own now, and I can't wait to buy a Chinese Elm in the next few days. Quite frankly, they are like little living sculptures that keep on giving. They are somehow almost jewel-like, and some can take your breath away in the fall when their leaves turn. All in all, they bring joy every single time you look at them. You can mold a branch into place with a wire and 6 weeks later it's growing in that direction permanently.

In short, Bonsai consists of the practice of growing a tree or shrub in a container, and shaping it into an artistic expression. They're relatively easy to care for, with some requiring less care than others. A Juniper is the most traditional one, and looks like an ancient pine with old looking trunks twisting and turning into unusual and artful directions....all in miniature. They are like a living canopy or umbrella of sorts. They're fantastic, but Junipers have some special care quirks. Make sure you read up on how to care for them. Other Bonsai species are much easier to care for, such as the Chinese Elm. A Japanese Maple turns brilliant red/burgundy every year and loses leaves. But as the pictures show below, they are beautiful even without leaves during the seasons. Check them out below and prepare to be WOWed!!

At The Old State, anything that mixes art, the past AND the present has our attention. And the Japanese tradition pf Bonsai dates back a thousand years. And it's still as fresh and current today! I highly recommend owning one....or ten.