Heather Wiese Alexander, a successful graphic designer and art director, is the founder and owner of Nest Dallas at 4524 McKinney Avenue and Bell'Invito at 1403 Dragon Street in Dallas, Texas. To simply say that she's a design taste maker extraordinaire would be an understatement on steroids. Quite frankly, she has two of the coolest establishments in Dallas. Or anywhere, for that matter. At The Old State House of Design & Development, we work with some of the best brands in many fields, and we know special talent when we see it. And Heather's got it in spades!!

OK, walk in Next Dallas at 4524 McKinney Avenue and be prepared to experience retail nirvana. It is one of the most beautiful stores you've ever seen. Large, relaxed and inviting, Heather has handpicked or hand designed every little detail, every product, every aesthetic. And oh what a magical world it is. But one word of caution. If you think you can walk in and control your urge to buy....then think again. There is something you can't live without in virtually every inch of the store. And no, it's not just a beautiful store....it's a stunning experience!

OK, at this point in the game I have a question that I need someone to please answer. How can humans be so brilliant at creating so many elegant and cool things that are so profoundly irresistible to my credit card? But at Nest Dallas, buyer's remorse is not a factor because purchasing things this exquisitely made and thoroughly unusual is something I never regret. Exotic books, candles, stationary, objets d' art, pillows, jewelry. Virtually everything in here I've never seen anywhere else. If it's one-stop-shop for shopping for gifts you want? Just go here and you'll be in gift-buying Heaven. If you're in a good mood, go here. If you're in a bad mood? Go here. Because it'll quickly put you back in a good one. Yes, ma'am, it's that special. And for husbands or boyfriends buying for spouses? Buy anything in here and you can't go wrong. You WILL get that reaction you wanted, so it's money well spent.

Now let's talk about the fine stationary company Bell'Invito. I know, Heather couldn't just create one brilliant brand, there she goes and creates two! In the case of Bell'Invito Couture Stationary, Heather studied abroad in Italy and was seeking a way to combine her love of Italian style and their meticulous craftsmanship with her skill for modern design. By accident, she discovered forgotten family heirlooms in a number of late nineteenth-century print presses that stood covered in dust for decades. But not for long. She quickly realized their unique style of printing was perfect for her handcrafted stationary, and Bell' Invito Couture Stationary was born. Their now legendary reputation locally is taking root internationally as well. You see, superior quality and a super luxe look and feel will never go out of style.

Today Bell'Invito stationary is printed using presses dating back to the late 1800's. And oh what a luxurious end result they deliver for the client! If you want your guest list to go on and on and ON! about how beautiful that invite was, use Bell'Invito. Ninety seconds in her elegant and comfortable showroom on Dragon Street and you'll quickly be a convert. The quality is mesmerizing! The range of design utilizes both vintage and modern technologies to create unique states of sophistication. Bell'Invito's luxury paper goods are, quite frankly, literally dripping with WOW factor!! We use them for our own invitations, and few people miss the unique and magical quality.

Congratulations Heather, Nest Dallas and Bell'Invito Couture Stationary. You've proven to us that yes, it will always be about an inspired and beautiful quality product. And in a world filled with refined elegance, you are in a league of your own.

Nest Dallas is located at 4524 McKinney Avenue in Dallas. Their website is www.NestDallas.com and they may be reached at 214-373-4444 or at CustomerService@NestDallas.com.

Bell'Invito is located at 1403 Dragon Street in Dallas. Their website is www.BellInvito.com and they may be reached at 214-741-1717 or at David@BellInvito.com