There are shopping experiences, and then there are shopping EXPERIENCES! And no place on planet earth is finer than NorthPark Center in Dallas. We're honored to be building their new website, of which the new redesign will launch this year. And like NorthPark itself, the new site is going to be very special indeed. No stone has been left unturned, and NorthPark has been so creative and amazing to work with on the project. At The Old State, we're honored to have been chosen for the task. Keep following us here and you'll be among the first to know when the new site will launch.

With over 230 special retailers, one thing that is certain is NorthPark is the leader in doing things right. Quality, innovation, great design, imagination? It's everywhere you turn. Admit it, when you're happy you go there. And when you're unhappy you go there, because to go there makes you happy again! Like the shopping center itself, there is no detail too small on the new site. State of the art mapping, fashion photography from all over the world, graphics and functionality from the far corners of the imagination. And all within an easy to navigate experience. We believe it will redefine the gold standard for websites for luxe shopping experiences.

And speaking of details, how does NorthPark find that many cool and exotic plants...all exactly alike.... to line up all in a row like sculpture? And wait a minute, I've never even seen that type of cactus or plant or flower before. Is that the original of that famous painting and giant golden rabbit sculpture? If you guessed yes, then you'd be right. No other shopping center in the world has an original art collection as legendary on display. And how do they keep every inch so clean, fresh and forward thinking? We don't know, but we sure like it. And at The Old State, one thing we know for sure is that all this comes from superior management of NorthPark Center. We see it in every move they make. The renowned experience that is NorthPark Center is legendary because they are passionate about it. And it shows!

Thank you NorthPark Center for being the single most beloved site we can think of. And thanks for the memories, which keep getting better and better every single time we go there. The turtles, the ducks, the retail mix, the passion in the small's all still as magical as it's ever been!