You need a new website. This means you also need professional web design services. Be careful! This is a time to be choosy, because your website is too important to get wrong. You don't want just any team putting up anything on the internet and calling it your new website. You deserve a great website, one with exceptional web design. How do you know which is which, though? You're a top professional in your field, but not in web design. That's okay! We're here to clear up any confusion by telling you the signs of good web design.

H2: Signs of a Good Web Design

You know the difference between a good cake and not-so-good one; it's how it tastes. The difference between a good day and a bad day may be how you were treated and whether you checked off everything on your to-do list. What is the difference between good web design and poor or boring web design, though? That's a little more difficult to define, but we've put together a list in order to help:

#1 The website is responsive.

In today's world, your customers are mobile. This means your website needs to look great on a desktop computer, laptop, tablet, smart phone, and beyond. You won't have many different versions of the same website, of course. Your website will be responsive and adapt to the size and dimensions of the screen it is being viewed on. If you choose to go with a web development company that is not up to speed with web design trends like responsive designs, you won't end up with a good web design.

#2 UX and UI work together.

Your website needs to not only look good, but be functional as well. UX and UI work together in good web design. UX design (User Experience) involves crafting a website based on usability for those who visit it. Does your website load quickly? Does your shopping cart have any bugs? Are your CTAs easily found? Do your buttons go to the correct next page? The abbreviation UI stands for User Interface. What colors are chosen for the font, background, and buttons? Which typography was chosen for the font? The combination of the two is what makes a website great!

#3 You use images and videos to your advantage.

A website that's all words isn't a good one. Yes, you want to inform your readers and deliver a value proposition, but they don't want to read a thesis paper. Images and videos help break up walls of text on your homepage to make it more visually appealing. Don't dismiss how effective images and videos can be to a wonderful website experience!

#4 It's user friendly. 

Getting people to visit your homepage is step one. Where do they go from there? You want them to check out your products, read more of your content, or give you their information. This means making exploration of your website easy on your readers. Good web design accomplishes this! 

#5 Your call-to-action buttons are doing their job.

You don't want people to simply come to your website and leave. The goal is to turn visitors into customers, or leads at the very least. This is done through effective call-to-action buttons. Where are they placed? What color are they? What do they say? Where do they lead? Good web design takes all of this into account. It's essential for a successful and profitable website.

Professional Web Design Services done by The Old State

Here at The Old State, we are absolutely confident in our team of expert web designers. They are the best of the best, and that is exactly what they will produce for you- a website that is also the best of the best!

Our team will be happy to guide you through our proven web design process. We will always ensure your expectations are not just met, but actually exceeded. From the first phase of planning to creating a detailed wireframe to the official launch date and beyond, we're here for you. If you're ready to talk, we are too! Contact us today to discuss your ideas for your upcoming web design project. We'd be happy to give you a proposal and work together to launch a website you're proud to call your own.