Digital marketing is a network of interconnected parts calibrated to help your brand grow and thrive. So, when you’re looking to partner your brand with a digital agency, you want to be sure you choose the right one.

If you’re just starting your search for a digital agency, you may wonder what you need to ask to decide whether you’ve found the right partner. Below, we’ve compiled a list of seven questions that any brand should ask their prospective agency during the onboarding process. If they offer responses that are along these lines, chances are you’re choosing the right team.

1. What kind of strategies have you implemented successfully in the past for a business in my industry?

Your prospective agency partner should be willing (and excited) to show you their extensive record of success with businesses within your industry. If they have an online portfolio or case studies, ask them to provide these. They should also be able to provide real data on how others in your industry have seen improvements in their business goals and KPIs. Still, don’t forget that your brand is unique, and you shouldn’t try to compare others’ strategies and your own apples-to-apples. You’ll need a marketing strategy that is tailored to your own needs.

2. How do you create campaigns that generate leads and convert them into paying customers?

Modern consumers want holistic, immersive experiences from brands You and your agency partner should focus on driving these experiences. Today’s expert marketers know how to combine things like content, website strategy, and paid media to tell stories that your target audiences want to hear. Work with your agency to design an interconnected program that takes your customers on a guided journey to amazing results.

3. What processes do you have in place to measure the success of digital campaigns?

You should carefully monitor your campaigns and practices to ensure they meet their benchmarks. Most marketing agencies utilize expansive data analytics programs and regular reporting to track the performance of campaigns. When setting up a new campaign, your agency should work closely with you to identify key performance indicators (KPIs) of each campaign, and how best to track them. Depending on the campaign, these KPIs might be things like higher email open rates, increased website views, and an increase in qualified leads and new sales. Ask your agency to help you identify the tracking methods that are most effective for your needs. Moreover, ask them to help ensure that your KPIs are interpreted to continue to meet the ongoing business needs of your company. By doing so, you’ll not only monitor campaign health but also drive results.

4. What budgeting processes do you have in place to ensure the success of campaigns?

It is only natural that your budget is the cornerstone of your marketing strategy. Your agency partner must demonstrate that they can utilize your budget smartly. A results-focused marketing agency will take your stated budget and work within its parameters to craft a strategy to deliver maximized results. In turn, you’ll get the best value for your dollar and a strong return on your investment. Your agency should also regularly review and assess your strategy to ensure you continue getting the most fiscally advantageous results. In short, your agency should ensure that they efficiently implement and spend your budget in the ways that are most likely to deliver solutions-oriented results.

5. How do you use search engine optimization (SEO) to maximize the visibility of my website and increase my online presence?

Your brand’s digital marketing strategy—indeed, your entire digital presence—should be built on a cornerstone of SEO. Through search engine optimization, any online asset you create (e.g., blogs, web pages, etc.) is designed so that it is more likely to appear before your target audience when they look for similar topics in a search engine. Your agency should be able to identify the online trends people are searching for and recommend how you can capitalize on these trends with relevant content.

6. What content marketing strategies do you offer to drive conversions and engagement?

Virtually no marketing strategy can exist without content, be it blogs, social media, paid ads and more. Each asset should be planned, created and executed in such a way that it fits into your overall strategy and attracts the leads and conversions you want. Content must account for the fact that today’s customer journey is much less linear than it once was, and prospects can now discover the brand at almost any phase of their customer journey. As a result, content must be adaptable enough to provide the right information to customers no matter where they are in the customer lifecycle. You can learn more about this concept in The Old State’s recent white paper, From Funnel to Flight Plan: The Future of Marketing is Immersive.

7. How do you stay current with the latest digital marketing trends and technologies?

An agency that is stuck in the past is an agency that cannot create future-focused digital solutions. You must work with one that understands how emerging technologies are changing the industry. For example, in the last year, the emergence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies has revolutionized how marketers create content, analyze data, implement strong SEO tactics and optimize strategies. Ask your marketing agency what new technologies they recommend incorporating into your strategy, and how these will likely lead to results. Ideally, you want an agency that is willing to embrace these trends, because that means that the agency knows how to keep your brand thriving well into the future.

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