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Atlas will be a multi-faceted community, encompassing not only the emerging bio technology, but also businesses, a state-of-the-art luxury hotel, a town center, as well as a natural element in the form of lakes and trails. Although it resides in the heart of Aggie country, we believe that Atlas needs to retain its own identity apart from the university.

“ATLAS will add value and amenities to support continued growth.”

Atlas represents an integrated lifestyle, a place where people can live, work, and relax. Above all else, we believe Atlas is represented by quality in all things. Quality of life, quality of business, quality of wellness.

Atlas is a road map to the future of Bryan and College Station, reaching for new heights and recognition but never forgetting its roots in these two communities. It is surprising to people that this type of innovative and forward thinking place is in this location, but at the same time, it does not feel out of place. It belongs.

This is the reasoning behind our tagline, “Exploring New Traditions”. Our eyes set to the future, we never forget our past.

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