Website, Intranet, and Mobile Site Planning, Design, & Development

Project Details

We are delighted to have been chosen to build a brand new website, intranet, and mobile site for NorthPark Center, arguably one of the finest shopping experiences in the United States. A walk through NorthPark once is all it takes for one to quickly realize something very special is going on here. Is that actually original artwork by Andy Warhol, Frank Stella and Jonathan Borofsky? Is that 48-foot tall orange sculpture towering above the escalators really indoors? How did they find that many unusual looking plants to line up all in a row? And who would have thought to create a giant gold rabbit leaping through the air? And yes, it is the original sculpture by Barry Flanagan. It is this kind of detail which keeps loyal NorthPark Center devotees of all ages coming back over and over again from as far away as New York, Asia and Europe. Now NorthPark has set the bar even higher with a highly imaginative new website designed and built by The Old State. A complete 360-degree virtual tour through NorthPark Center, state-of-the-art mapping enabling shoppers to find what they're looking for with a keystroke, fashion photography from all over the world and graphics pulled from the far corners of the imagination. The Old State also built NorthPark's enterprise class Intranet including a tenant portal which allows NorthPark management to communicate with over 200 tenants. Additionally, we built a mobile site, which works on all phones including the iPhone, Blackberry and Android phones. As with the physical location of NorthPark Center, the new web site is a balanced blend of chic design, relentless attention to detail and ambitious creativity.

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