Website Planning, Design & Development

Project Details

Grandeur Design is owned and operated by a pair of distinguished and innovative designers who have a passion for capturing the dreams & visions of their clients and crafting them into a beautiful reality. Owners Brenda Blaylock and Susan Semmelmann are experts in all facets of home design, and have the unique gift of creating custom pieces of drapery, bedding, upholstery, wood working, and floral arrangements.

The Old State was selected to plan, design and build the new version of these talented designer’s new website. We worked closely with Brenda Blaylock, Susan Semmelmann and their team to carefully build their new website. We worked to get the new design to meet the exacting needs of the Grandeur team. The final result is one that both teams are very proud of.

grandeur_slide_1 grandeur_slide_2 grandeur_slide_3 grandeur_slide_4

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