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Website Planning, Design & Development

Project Details

We are honored to be able to work with North American Coal. We were selected to help NACOAL plan, design and develop a brand new website. We worked closely with the executive team and leadership of North American Coal, and the talented team from Pure Energy PR.

North American Coal is the largest lignite producer in the U.S., operating mines with annual production levels ranging from a few hundred thousand tons per year to more than 10 million.

NACOAL services are comprehensive. They specialize in reserve evaluation, permitting, mine planning, operation and final reclamation – and everything in between. 

This has been a once in a lifetime opportunity for the TOS team and one of those projects that we will not soon forget. From tours of mine sites and draglines, meetings with miners and incredible teams that ensure safety to hundreds daily, to drone flights over surface mining operations, to the incredible land reclamation and beauty of the land post mining. We are truly blessed to have been able to work with North American Coal, and look forward to serving their needs for years to come. Thank you NACOAL team for trusting us with your project.

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