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This new on demand Dallas catering company delivers a buffet in a box that is warm, delicious and grandma's kitchen good. Big Box Catering is a concept designed to offer a variety of great menu items that have been created over time to serve more people. The new concept is a simple, worry-free catering service that is super easy to order, serve, and clean up.


The partners at Big Box Catering reached out to The Old State to re-brand the Big Box identity and build a completely new website with powerful eCommerce functionality for their new on demand catering service. We also worked with the Big Box team to create the new brand, brand standards, content development, copywriting, and go to market strategy. Our inbound marketing department built an engaging targeted social media strategy leveraging Instagram and Facebook to target those who might be interested in corporate catering, ordering delivered ready to eat food for events, and mom's juggling the demands of modern life who can use a hand feeding their tribe in a pinch.


The website and inbound marketing campaigns launched in symphony and the results have been amazing. Month over month order are consistantly doubling month over month and we are so excited for the Big Box team. There are a variety of other initiatives we are working on for Big Box Catering as we continue to develop content and manage the inbound strategy and social channels for this exciting new concept. Both teams are so pleased with the current progress and look forward to their continued success.

Big_Box_Catering_Dallas_Portfolio1 Big_Box_Catering_Dallas_Portfolio2 Big_Box_Catering_Dallas_Portfolio3 Big_Box_Catering_Dallas_Portfolio4

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