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Musume offers contemporary Asian cuisine and fabulous sushi in the heart of downtown Dallas within the Hall Arts district. Musume, which translates into "Daughter" in Japanese is currently one of the top restaurants in Dallas. Musume is the latest concept from Rock Libations restaurant group. The restaurant consists of 165 seats that includes an elevated sushi bar and private dining room that seats up to 40 people. 


We were tapped by the Rock Libations Restaurant Group to create a new and completely awesome new concept for sushi in dallas.

We worked with Rock Libations management, Gensler and Dana Foley's uber talented interior design team to bring this incredible sushi experience to life. We worked with the both teams to create a new branding package, website design, signage, interior selections and menu design for this new sushi concept in the heart of the arts district in Downtown Dallas. 

Once we envisioned and created the new brand, we set our targets on the grand opening with a multi-faceted marketing strategy. We created targeted social media campaigns, buyer personas, and a comprehensive inbound marketing strategy. Our goal was to engage the community, drive engagement, and encourage return patrons to the new concept. Each campaign was carefully crafted to speak directly to each demographic group. 


Musume has garnered one of the top four restaurants in Dallas in 2018. With reservations at capacity, and showing no signs of slowing we settle in for the long term creation and managment of engaging content for Musume’s consituents. Instagram engagement is core to our strategy as is integration of the restaurants Hubspot powered inbound marketing automation strategy. Tailored, on-time messaging has proven to the best way to keep the community informed of all the latest happenings at Musume. 


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