Remo, Red Mountain Hotel


Branding & Identity Design, Marketing Packet

Project Details

The ownership of Remo, the hotel at Red Mountain, understood the need for upscale hotel rooms in order to drive skier visits to the resort. The Old State and the ownership of Remo, captured the spirit of the historic town with the new hotel brand and identity.

The new hotel expansion, located in Rossland, British Columbia, will include a mixture of standard rooms and suites, a sleek but warm restaurant and bar, a ski concierge service, ballroom, meeting rooms and wellness/spa facilities. The new logo mark is a subtle yet iconic representation of the three mountains which make up the resort as well as a variety of less obvious representations and meanings. The goal was to create a logo mark that could be easily translated and adopted by the adventure/sport and outdoors community, but with a modern and sophisticated edge. The result is a new identity system that will instantly command attention, but also fit into its environment instantly.

The three mountains that make up the resort are stylistically represented in the new Remo logo mark. The small centered mountain and the perfect symmetry of the mark also speak to the centralized location of the hotel and the balance between mountain adventure sports and the indulgence and comfort the hotel provides.

Remo, the hotel at Red Mountain, is scheduled to open it's doors in 2015.

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