The New and Improved MacBook Pro

It has been three years and countless hours logged on my PowerBook G4. It has been sluggish, to say the least, for the last year or so. I have been in the market for a new machine for a while now, but I knew that the MacBook was next in line for an update, so I waited. I visited Mac Rumors everyday until one Monday not so long ago they predicted the launch to be the next day. I could hardly sleep, it was like Christmas. I woke up at 6am to check my iPhone and sure enough they were right. On the Apple homepage they had launched the the updated laptops. I rushed up stairs to my office and went to the site on my real computer for a closer look. I was so excited and started to purchase one on the spot, when I noticed the picture of the new machine looked no different than the previous MacBook or even my old PowerBook G4! I have to admit I was a bit disappointed. I mean they just launched the MacBook Air with its sleek styling, sharp edges, etc. Couldn't they at least improve the exterior design a bit??

Well, as soon as I got over my initial superficial judgments, I immediately started to customize one for myself, because I couldn't take another day on my PowerBook. I added every upgrade I could, 2.6GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, 4GB 667MHz DDR2 SDRAM, 200GB Serial ATA Drive @ 7200 rpm, 15-inch Glossy Widescreen Display, and of course Apple Care! As I ended the checkout process and the total price reached as much as some small cars, I looked at the ship date. 2 days! Wow I was stoked!

Well 2 days was a bit optimistic on the part of the Apple website... a week and a half later I received it. BUT... I have to say, so far, it was worth the Wait!

This laptop screams! It almost does stuff as fast as I think it. I know some of you are saying, "That is not that fast." But I have been really impressed with its capabilities so far. I push my computers pretty hard, and so far this is the only computer I have ever used that keeps up and is ready for more.

If you are wondering "what's changed?," here are some things that stood out to me:

There are increases in the processor speed, new chipsets and increases to the RAM and hard disk sizes. The main improvement is the introduction of Multi-Touch - the gesturing interface that we first saw in the iPod touch and then in the MacBook Air. They also changed the keyboard layout a bit. There are new buttons for Spaces and Dashboard. And surprisingly the Apple logo on the Command button has disappeared.

All in all, even though it still looks good, I did want an exterior update. But I have to give the new MacBook Pro a 9 overall due to what really matters, performance.

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