Blogs, Blogs, Blogs

We emphasize to our clients the importance of blogging to keep their content fresh. And it really is! But we're guilty as charged...finding time to blog with our busy schedules is not always an easy task. But as a wise man once told me, my life isn't difficult and it's not like I'm busy building homes or cleaning swamps, so I should just do it, post a blog. So I'm doing it, posting a blog about posting a blog.
First, stick to a routine like you would to brush your teeth. Pick one day out of the week and put your TV on mute, quit stumbling upon sites and pick a topic. It literally took me 10 seconds and the wise man's inspiration to pick this topic.
Then, start uploading visuals and typing, keeping in mind keywords that are relevant. For instance, since I'm posting a blog about blogs, I'll sprinkle in keywords such as online blogs, fashion blog, technology blog, Perez Hilton...
Speaking of Perez Hilton, he may have one of the most overrated and obnoxious blogs in the world, but it does so well because A. his minions post dozens of posts a day B. it's relevant and people enjoy celebrity gossip and C. if you Google recent celebrity news his blog is on page one somewhere.
So there you have it. It only took me 10 minutes to whip this blog up! You can too!

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